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The Car Dealers Near You website offers new and used car dealers in the United States a free listing for their dealership which includes the following information.
  • name of the dealership, address, a link to a map, a phone number, a toll free number, the year the business was established
  • dealership business hours
  • a tagline or slogan for you dealership
  • the car services you offer (example: new cars, used cars, car service center etc.)
  • descriptions of the following: makes of vehicles you offer, your inventory, specials and promotions, rebates and incentives, and financing services offered
  • enter only the information you want to enter
  • you will create a username and password so you can update your information whenever you need to
  • see samples of our latest dealer listings on our homepage

Why Advertise Your Car Dealership with Us?
  • it's free!
  • we're growing - our site traffic is increasing from search engines and other forms of internet advertising
  • completing a listing only takes two mintues
  • J.D. Power and Associates estimates that two out of every three car buyers is researching on the web
  • links to your car dealership website help your dealership website be found by car buyers and by search engines
  • it's free, the only requirement is that you are a local dealer in the United States

Other Marketing, Sales and Advertising Resources for Car Dealers

Automotive Internet Sales and Marketing by Jeff Kershner
Jeff Kershner has seven years experience in the automotive business and currently manages eCommerce and CRM for a Mercedes-Benz dealership. He has also created and managed eCommerce and BDC projects for other dealerships in the past and has been successful in increasing unit sales through his efforts.

His website offers helpful information and tools to assist local dealerships with internet sales and marketing. He discusses specific topics such as lead management, conversions, reporting, advertising sources, CRM, auto industry news and search engine optimization (SEO). He also offers a newsletter and has syndicated his content through RSS feeds. Visit Website

David Kain and Kain Automotive - Training and Consulting Solutions
David Kain has 20 years of automotive retail experience - he is the founder and President of Kain Autmotive Inc. and was also a co-founder and COO of He uses his blend of dealership and manufacturing experience to offer training and consulting solutions to increase sales and profits.

At Kain Automotive News and Views he offers articles, information and links to increase internet sales and conversions. David has also compiled a series of articles of Best Practices for Internet Success from various sources. David Kain and Dean Evans team up to offer Email Templates to Increase Appointment Show Ratios.

Dealix Dealer Newsletter
Tactics, strategies, and information to enable effective online autmotive sales. Monthly newsletter covering topics such as "Search Engine Marketing for Dealers" and "How to Handle the Most Common Internet Objections". Visit Website.

Internet Lead Management
Tips for Better Lead Management: article in Wards Auto geared toward better internet lead management discusses aspects such as 'skimming' leads, understanding the buying cycle, leveraging a dealer website, and optimal number of leads an employee should handle.
Call Prospector: a service that allows you to quickly be speaking to internet leads that were submitted through your website or by a third party service. The faster you are able to connect with an internet lead, the higher the chances of converting that lead into a sale.

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