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Photo 1 of 4Residents . (awesome Bongo Room Chicago Il #1)

Residents . (awesome Bongo Room Chicago Il #1)

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Pancakes At The Bongo Room

Pancakes At The Bongo Room

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Smore Banana Pancakes

Smore Banana Pancakes

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Whether you're currently hanging a sizable oil-painting or perhaps a small produce heart of the part should really be at eye level. You can test to make use of it being a headboard when you have a sizable little bit of artwork. While dangling photos or images behind the counter constantly set them up inches above the stand. Hold photos in circular groups of geometric triangles to add awareness.

By employing pillows, interest can be added also. Use habits and many towards the top of the mattress and colors that are varied designs while still maintaining concept and along with inside the layout of one's room in general. Do not think you have to get everything on your room at once. Check around to obtain the accessory that is great to match the Bongo Room Chicago Il. You'll find deals at consignment retailers garden sales and flea markets.

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